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Getting fit is exciting, but it can also be a bit confusing. With all the workout info out there, it’s tough to know where to start. That’s where a personal trainer comes in handy! Let’s check out benefits of a personal trainer.

  1. Expert guidance

The first benefit of a personal trainer is expert guidance. How many times have you gone to the gym or wanted to exercise and just not had a clue on how to start or what kind of exercise to do, how many reps, what weight is best for you? This is where the benefits of a personal trainer comes in. Their expert guidance can really formulate the best method of training for you.

  1. Correct exercise form

Have you ever been in the gym and been amused by the interesting techniques people use when using different machines? We have all seen the person piling way too much weight and doing the form completely incorrectly. Often, the heavy weight isn’t the secret to well-trained muscles, but instead using the correct exercise form. With the correct form, your body will reap the real benefits of exercise, and most importantly, you won’t get injured, which becomes even more common and easy to do as we age.

  1. Personalised workouts

Depending on your goals, each of us needs a different strategy when approaching our training exercises. The benefit of a personal trainer is personalised workouts that target the most efficient way to achieve your desired health and fitness goals. Having a personalised workout made by a personal trainer means no wasted time. In no time you will start seeing your goals being achieved. Personal trainers spend an immense time learning the ins and outs of how to train bodies so their knowledge bank is worth tapping into.

  1. Exercise progression

Depending on your experience in the gym, a personal trainer will be your expert coach in guiding you through your exercise progression. Progression is key to developing the correct intensity with the correct form and weight amount. Progression allows you to start an exercise in a safe and simple form, as your muscles and strength develops you can add complexity and hit even more advanced levels of training.

  1. Avoid injury

Nothing is worse than getting an injury, especially when you have training goals. Injury stops you from training, makes normal life uncomfortable and can make you nervous about starting training again. Working with a personal trainer can be a big benefit for avoiding injury. A personal trainer’s knowledge allows you to be guided on how to safely and correctly perform an exercise.

  1. Motivation

Motivation is a big factor in a successful training journey. Understanding how motivation works is crucial to hitting your goals. It’s quite often at the turn of the year that many people starts their new years resolution and an influx of eager people start piling in the gym only to disappear two weeks later. Why is this? Well motivation for the most part comes in short bursts. When people realise the actual work to achieve their goal is higher than their motivation it drops off. This is where a personal helps keep your expectations and path realistic so your motivation doesn’t fall flat when you realise you don’t have a bodybuilder’s body after two weeks of training.

  1. Flexible Schedule

In today’s life we are all busier than ever. This is a highlight point for reaping the benefits of a personal trainer. We can create a training schedule that fits the hustle and bustle of your life. No more deciding in the moment if you can go gym, we book in a convenient time that you can work seamlessly into your schedule.

  1. Setting realistic goals

As mentioned before, some people think they will get their dream body in a couple of weeks. Well the reality is that achieving anything in life takes a consistent amount of time and effort. This is the same with training your body and achieving your fitness goals. Often we only see the external body of other people and admire it wishing we had the same, but we don’t get to see the amount of time and effort people have put in to achieve amazing bodies. Whatever your goal is, being realistic about what can be achieved in what timeframe is the reason you should consider a personal trainer. This benefit can give you a realistic perspective on how you will achieve your goals

  1. Education

Top personal trainers have spent an incredible amount of time learning everything there is to training the body. This education is a great source for you as a customer to tap into. Education is the key to great decision making, and great decisions with training is the secret to a healthy body and achieving your physical goals in a timely, and realistic manner. The knowledge you can gain from training with a personal trainer will serve your decision making for the rest of your life maximising your potential for a healthy and long life.

Are there disadvantages of hiring a personal trainer?

With all the benefits of a personal trainer listed above, we should also consider any disadvantages we may have.

The first thing that comes to mind is location! What if you don’t have a good personal trainer near by? Also the cost may be a bit steep in these tough times, perhaps the personal trainers available hours don’t match up with your own.

There are options out there where you can gain many benefits of a good PT without meeting face to face. Perhaps a book like Barbell & Dumbbell training if you prefer a more ‘do it alone’ approach, or in our modern age you could even consider an online personal trainer. With a cheap monthly subscription you can have access to an app offering training videos, personalised workout plans and even direct messages with your online coach.


Whether you choose to find a personal trainer near you, work out alone with advice from books or other training sources, or use an alternative method like an online coach, one thing is for sure: you have a lot to benefit from the advice and tips a personal trainer can offer.

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