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Physical fitness programme with an online Personal Trainer

What is online personal training?

Online personal training is a flexible coaching approach that uses digital technology to provide personalised training and guidance remotely. Here you will gain access to your personal trainer via an online platform. Meaning you can work with me even if you are not local enough for 1-to-1 training sessions. This is conducted through the DW Holistic Fitness App, which can be accessed 24/7 and done leisurely at your own pace.

What are the contents of online personal training?

what is the process of online training?

1. introduction call

When you join my online personal training, we will start with a face to face introduction to touch base, this can be done in person or via an online video call. This call will allow us to get familiar with each other and to discuss and build a programme personalised to you and your fitness goals.

2. Training program designed in the dw holistic fitness app

Your training programme will then be built completely on the DW Holistic Fitness App, in which you can access your programme 24/7

3. Start training & use messenger function

Using the messenger feature on the app we can then touch base, keep you accountable and whenever you need advice or have questions I’m just a message away.

who is online coaching suitable for?

Who is it most effective for?

Online personal training is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, goals and backgrounds who are seeking a flexible and convenient approach to fitness coaching. Whether you’re a beginner looking to establish a workout routine, an intermediate level individual aiming to progress further, or an advanced enthusiast pursuing specific fitness goals, online personal training can be tailored to your needs. It’s particularly beneficial for those with busy schedules, limited access to Oakley Fitness gym in Petts Wood, or a preference for training in the comfort of their own space.

Who is online coaching beneficial for?

Online coaching offers both convenience and personalisation, meaning you can pursue your fitness goals personalised to your schedule and terms, fitting seamlessly into you life. Online coaching offers all the benefits of having a 1-to-1 personal trainer, without the need to be present in face to face sessions, whilst still receiving the help and guidance needed to achieve your goals.

What platforms will you use for online coaching?

Your online training programme can be accessed through the DW Holistic Fitness app which can be downloaded from the Google Play store or Apple app store and costs a monthly fee of £2.99 for an active profile.

DW Holistic Fitness App

A mobile phone is all you need to access your online training portal