What is a sports massage?

I operate as a massage therapist in Petts Wood, Orpington and surrounding locations. Massage therapy encompasses both therapeutic and sports massage techniques that facilitate recovery from training injuries, and to enhance overall wellbeing and mobility. This form of therapy not only aids relaxation and stress reduction, but also contributes to improved performance by addressing tight and fatigued muscles that can impede progress and vitality.

Sports Massage Orpington

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If you are based in Orpington, or surrounding areas and looking for a sports massage therapist to help your recovery after injury, or to maximise benefit from your personal training sessions then contact me today. 

I am a qualified sports massage therapist with years of experience working with clients of all levels and abilities. My goal is to help you achieve your fitness and health goals by providing tailored massage treatments that cater to your specific needs. Whether you are a competitive athlete or someone simply looking to improve their overall well-being, I can create a treatment plan that suits you.

Don’t let pain or discomfort hold you back from reaching your full potential – book an appointment with me today and start your journey towards better health and wellness!

Massage therapy in Petts Wood, Orpington

What is a sports massage most effective for?

Visiting a massage therapist is highly effective for individuals engaged in physical training, seeking recovery from injuries, and aiming to enhance their overall vitality. It benefits those who want to alleviate stress, relax, and improve their performance by addressing muscle tension and promoting relaxation.

When is it ideal to receive a sports massage?

Massage therapy is ideal in the days following intense training sessions, following injuries, or whenever relaxation and stress reduction are needed. It can be incorporated into routines to aid recovery, promote better muscle function, and enhance overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Massage Therapist Orpington

Where do my sports massage SESSIONS TAKE PLACE?

Choose from various locations

Massage Therapy Room Orpington

Oakley fitness gym in petts wood, Orpington

Sports massage sessions take place in our dedicated therapy room at Oakley Fitness Gym in Petts Wood/Orpington, in partnership with relief2move.

home based visits

Additionally, home-based visits are offered in Petts Wood, Orpington, Bromley and surrounding areas providing convenience and comfort to clients.

relax and rejuvenate

when are my sports massage sessions available?

Sports massage sessions in Orpington are available Monday – Saturday based on flexible scheduling. The therapy room at Oakley Fitness Gym offers a set location for appointments, while home-based visits accommodate clients’ preferences and convenience. This adaptability ensures that sports massage is accessible and tailored to individual needs.