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What are small group exercise classes in orpington?

Small group exercise classes in Orpington involves training in a group setting with like-minded individuals whilst still receiving the benefits of personalised instruction and coaching. In these sessions each participant will receive customised guidance and support tailored to their fitness goals. While the group size allows for a more affordable option compared to one-on-one training, I will provide personalised nutritional guidance and support during the personal training programme.

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Who are the exercise classes in Orpington for?

Small Group Exercise Classes are ideal for individuals who value a supportive and social fitness experience. It suits friends, family members, colleagues, or individuals with similar fitness levels and shared goals. It’s perfect for those who enjoy exercising with others, want varied workouts, and seek a balance between individualised guidance and group camaraderie.

How many people in a small group exercise class?

The small group exercise classes can be between 2-4 people. I have found this to be the ideal number to get the maximum results for each individual, whilst still maintaining individual attention within the small group environment.

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Where do the exercise classes take place?

choose from various locations

Oakley fitness gym in petts wood, Orpington

The small group personal training sessions can take place at Oakley Fitness Gym in Petts Wood, Orpington. This option requires everyone to have a membership at the gym which costs £19.99

exercise classes in your own home or outdoor space

If you prefer, you can choose to exercise in the comfort of your own home or in a local outdoor space of your choice around Petts Wood, Orpington, or Bromley.

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what times are the Exercise classes in Orpington??

Small group exercise classes can be booked between Monday – Saturday depending on available slots and the time preference of the group. Fill in the contact form or contact me on +44 7837 871841 for a free consultation and we can discuss the best schedule for small group sessions, what you want to gain from it, and what time works best for everyone.

"Darrell's personal training is a game-changer! In just 12 weeks, I achieved incredible weight loss results and feel just great. I couldn't be happier!"
Jane Francis
"I can't say enough about the transformation I've undergone with Darrell exercise classes here in Orpington. From day one, his unwavering commitment and expert guidance have propelled me toward my fitness goals. Darrell's personalised approach, tailored workouts, and constant motivation have not only helped me achieve results I never thought possible but have also instilled a newfound passion for fitness in me."
Pat G