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1 to 1 personal training

What does 1-to-1 Personal Training involve?

1-1 personal training involves exclusive sessions conducted privately by myself either at Oakley fitness gym in Orpington, or at your own home. These sessions are customised to your goals, and are complimented by a personalised programme which also includes nutritional programming and habit coaching. 1-on-1 programmes are designed to yield the fastest possible results, and are built to compliment your lifestyle ensuring your progress is both achievable and enjoyable.

Who is personal training for?

1-on-1 personal training is designed to cater to individuals who are committed to transforming their lifestyle and are seeking personalised assistance and direction. This approach is ideal for those who value the support and guidance of a dedicated personal trainer. Regardless of your current fitness level, whether you’re a beginner or experienced, this tailored training can suit your needs.

What you can gain from 1 to 1 personal training?

Engaging in personal training is a highly effective service due to the intensive and customised nature of the guidance provided. Having a dedicated personal trainer by your side is a powerful tool to achieving your goals, maintaining focus, pushing your boundaries and achieving long term success. The personalised programming, one on one attention and motivation from a coach will optimise your progress and help you reach your goals efficiently.

Where does the 1 to 1 personal training take place?

Oakley fitness gym in Orpington

The gym environment offers the advantage of a large array of equipment suited to helping you achieve optimal results. This option requires you to have a membership at the gym which costs £19.99

your own home

If your preference is to train at home we can still achieve brilliant results within your home environment.

schedule & pricing

When are the 1 to 1 training sessions scheduled?

You can book 1-on-1 personal training sessions Monday – Saturdays from as early as 6am, to as late as 8pm.

Once we have met for a free consultation we will discuss your goals and establish a suitable timetable personalised for you.

Pricing Structure of 1-on-1 personal training sessions?

per session
block of 5    
block of 10   

£210   (Save £15)
£390  (Save £60)