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Ready to level up your fitness? Look no further than DW Holistic Fitness, where I, Darrell, your personal trainer in south east London, am ready to help you achieve your goals. Enhance athletic performance with tailored programs. Let’s transform your body and achieve outstanding results together.

Personal Trainer South East London

Are you looking for a personal trainer in South East London?

If you are based in South East London and looking to transform your body and mind but have struggled to take the necessary steps, then I can help. Personal training is not one size fits all. We are all at different stages of physical health and state of mind and often need a personalised approach, especially in the beginning stages when establishing an effective training routine. 

Based on 15 reviews
Alexander Turner
Alexander Turner
I don’t normally leave reviews but I HAVE to leave a review for Darrell, he has completely changed my physique, gaining a tonne of muscle, taught me so much and now I genuinely enjoy my gym sessions where as before I was worried about even entering one. I can’t recommend or thank him enough. By far the best trainer I’ve had in the area 💪
Come Spa With Me
Come Spa With Me
Darrell is an all round amazing PT with incredible knowledge on how to treat his clients as a whole person. Highly recommended
Sasha Peirce
Sasha Peirce
A great personal trainer with vast knowledge
Jon Clare NeuroCoach
Jon Clare NeuroCoach
Darrell is really good at his job as a PT. He is patient, supportive, cheerful, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, a great listener and always offering advice and guidance on how to improve and do things better. He has a knack of finding the right balance between allowing you to go at your own pace while also pushing you enough to stretch and strengthen yourself. Personally, I am not great at people telling me what to do(!), but with the respect I have for Darrell’s approach and his professional and personable style of training, I have really benefited from my sessions with him. Thanks Darrell.
Amanda Clare
Amanda Clare
Darrell’s level of attention to detail and professionalism is impressive. I never anticipated enjoying training this much, having spent a lifetime keeping fit and active, by my own means.. I now realise the value of such positive reinforcement and support. He is thorough and patient and inspires you to make the most amount of effort and work as hard as you can. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. A great listener and teacher.
I've been seeing Darrell for a number of years now and for various reasons. He's everything you'd want from a PT, knowledgeable,affable and professional,couldn't recommend him highly enough.
Nadine House
Nadine House
I've been training with Darrell for nearly a year. When starting out he really paid attention to what I wanted to focus on and since then I've become a lot more confident lifting big weights. He is also mindful of injuries and progresses you in a way that ensures you don't overdo it.
Samantha Fox
Samantha Fox
I’ve been training with Darrell for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have hypermobility and he’s been absolutely brilliant to work around my limitations due some past injuries. Since we started in 2022 I’ve lost a lot of weight and I feel amazing and stronger than ever.
Charlie Wilson
Charlie Wilson
I approached Darrell at the start of the year because I hit a brick wall wandering around the gym with no plan or structure. Darrell helped me to lose 7kg and go from an unfit smoker to getting fit enough to complete the national 3 peaks challenge! My program is now all on the dw holistics app and it’s so convenient. Every new program Darrell supplies me is catered for my goals but also he adapts it to suit my needs. I’m already looking months ahead from now imagining my future progress. I think about the gym everyday and I’m always logging my calories and taking accountability for what I do just from learning and taking advice from Darrell. The best thing I done was ask Darrell to be my coach. Otherwise I’d have probably given up and taken months out from the gym like usual!

achieve astonishing results

through personal training

You’ll receive personalised training programs designed especially for you – matching your needs and abilities. Get ready for a transformative journey with DW Holistic Fitness! Check out the results below of people who have worked with me as their personal trainer in South East London!



Use a holistic approach combining exercise and nutrition

Empower lasting changes for overall well-being

Incorporate improved lifestyle habits

"I can't say enough about the transformation I've undergone with Darrell as my personal trainer. From day one, his unwavering commitment and expert guidance have propelled me toward my fitness goals. Darrell's personalised approach, tailored workouts, and constant motivation have not only helped me achieve results I never thought possible but have also instilled a newfound passion for fitness in me."
Pat G
From the outset I found Darrell to be highly professional, expertly prepared and demonstrating great care generally with each session with no variance in the very high level of service.
John B
"Darrell's personal training is a game-changer! In just 12 weeks, I achieved incredible weight loss results and feel just great. I couldn't be happier!"
Jane F

your path to holistic health and wellness

DW Holistic Fitness Services

1-on-1 personal training

Train one-to-one with me using a bespoke training plan aimed to help you achieve your desired goals in a fun and engaging way. We can either train at Oakley Fitness gym or in the comfort of your own home.

small group personal training

Have a friend you would like to train with? Small group personal training is for groups of 2-4 people who want to train together. Training takes place either at Oakley Fitness gym in Petts Wood or at your own home.

online coaching

I offer a personalised programme that you can follow completely online via the DW Holistic Fitness App. Gain access to full training programmes, nutritional coaching and online coaching to help you achieve incredible results

sports massage

Recovery is key to achieving your fitness goals. After all your training, consider getting a sports massage aimed at healing, relaxing and recovering your muscles so that you your body performs at its best.

there has never been a better time to start than today!

join a Bootcamp

Bootcamps are designed around those who don’t have much time, prefer training with others, and like training early in the morning. 


Oakley fitness Gym,
Petts wood, Orpington
Nearby parking available


Personal Training Bootcamp Sout East London

30 minute

Fast Class Sessions

Short intense circuit based sessions aimed to burn plenty of calories.

45 minute

Strength based classes

Incorporate strength based training with cardiovascular training, aimed to increase strength, endurance and burn plenty of calories

where does the personal training take place?

oakley fitness gym, South east london

Fitness Training South East London

personal training with darrell

Personal training with me will require an oakley fitness gym membership which is £19.99 per month, which gives us full access to the facilities and the opportunity for you to carry out any additional training programmes we set you at the gym.’

Access & parking

Oakley Fitness Gym is located on Queensway, Petts Wood’s high street. There is parking available 20 metres from the gym at 130 Queensway Parking. The free parking in the side roads is before 8am, and after 10am, there is a no parking period between 8-10am

DW Holisitic Fitness App

make your training more productive with a personalised app service

Join a community of people who train with myself and gain access to the DW Holistic Fitness App. The app is designed to help with your training goals and bridge the periods between our personal training sessions. Get custom personalised training programs, track the progress of your training and diet, access nutritional support and see new food recipe ideas whilst still keeping things tasty.

DW Holistic Fitness App

Get an Exclusive 10% Off Bootcamp Group Sessions when you book through the app


Common queries on Personal training in South East London

What is a holistic personal trainer?

A holistic personal trainer takes a comprehensive approach to fitness, considering not only physical exercise but also nutrition, mental and emotional well-being, and lifestyle factors to help clients achieve overall health and wellness. 

Personal trainers in South East London offer expert guidance, accountability, and customised fitness programs that help people achieve their specific goals, maintain motivation, and ensure safe and effective workouts.

You can join no matter what fitness level you are currently at, I develop programs to accommodate clients of all fitness levels, adapting workouts to suit beginners with little to no experience or advanced individuals seeking to fine-tune their performance. As your personal trainer I will tailor my approach to meet your current fitness level and progressively challenge you as you improve

Yes, if you prefer not to train at Oakley Fitness gym, we can do personal training or a sports massage in the comfort of your home.

Group training sessions can take place at Oakley Fitness Gym in Petts Wood, at your own home, or outdoor training is also available in local parks/outdoor space

Yes – I provide nutritional support in the form of a personalised nutrition plan and a food recipe database for meal inspiration. The main aim with nutrition is to make the process simple and enjoyable.

Working with a personal trainer in Orpington you will find all areas of health and fitness will be covered

1-1 personal training Sessions usually last for 1 hour, and will follow a programme personalised to you.

Your results will be determined by how consistent you are at sticking to your programme. Most people should start to see results within a few weeks of a training programme if they are adhering to it. We aim to make every programme enjoyable and inspiring, and with the help of the DW holistic fitness app you will have online support throughout your programme. We also aim to take measurements every 4 weeks to ensure you are progressing towards your goals and targets.

Yes , via the DW Holistic fitness app you will be able to access a database of healthy and inspiring recipes.

For 1-1 training you will need to be a member of Oakley fitness gym, this membership price starts at £19.99 per month, however having the membership will be helpful to complete additional training alongside your PT programme. 

If your preference is to train outside of the gym environment such as a local park, then no membership fees will be needed.

My earliest sessions start at 6am, and my latest booking is 9pm in the evening Monday-Friday (I have a limit of sessions per day I run but a wide availability of hours)

Weekends I have availability on Saturdays from 6am – 6pm (with afternoons being reserved for sports massage session bookings)

Support is on hand whenever you need it, you can message me directly (during sociable hours) and I will always get back to you swiftly with any questions you have. Via the DW Holistic Fitness app you will also be able to access on demand workouts, your daily habit and task schedule and inspiration during your programme helping to keep you accountable to your goals. sports massage session bookings)

Absolutely not, the key to any long lasting change is enjoyment, and building nutritional habits is all about being realistic about what we are prepared to do. Everyone enjoys a treat from time to time and we aim to create a nutritional programme that doesn’t feel like you are having to restrict anything from your diet at all. It’s all about creating a smart plan.

Yes and no, it depends on what I think the best approach for you is. Counting calories isn’t for everyone, and there’s plenty of ways to achieve success without it. Habit coaching alone can be an incredibly powerful tool, and even focusing on something as simple as portion sizing can be a great approach. But if you are the sort of person that is comfortable counting calories then we can implement this approach to reach your goals.